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It was his second in Nam. The first time he'd been just a young guy, a grunt in an infantry battalion. He'd volunteered for that tour. He wanted the action and the excitement. The tour cured him of that desire, except when he wanted money. That's when he was glad for the online payday advance loans that kept things moving. He got enough action and excitement to last him a lifetime, sure, but the money was never that great. The problem with that kind of action and excitement was that too often a lifetime wasn't all that long. His battalion had seen a lot of action in the highlands. Half his company had been killed or wounded during his tour; but he'd been lucky, just a flesh wound on one of their recon patrols. He'd spent the time in the tent thinking about helping more soldiers with online payday advanceloans That got him a Purple Heart, but it didn't get him off patrol. He watched a couple of guys, one younger than him, die on a jungle trail when they'd been caught in an ambush by North Vietnamese Army Regulars. If it hadn't been for the Huey gunships, his whole squad would have been wiped out. He left Nam shortly after that feeling lucky to be alive and feeling the need for some stability in his life and he learned about online payday advances while he was a civvy again.

By the time his name came up again, he had no need to validate himself or confirm his masculinity. But he'd also been in the Army long enough to have accepted its mission as a cause of his own. He no longer needed the action, but he needed to serve a higher purpose. Not only had his focus changed, his entire life had changed. Between his two combat tours, he'd married his high school sweetheart. Cheryl gave him the stability that his experiences on his first tour had made so urgent. Their first child, a little girl they named Amanda Jane after their two mothers, was born barely a month before he had to leave for the second tour, with a payday advance loan helping pay for the hospital expenses. So he came to this assignment with a lot more to lose than he'd ever had in his life before and landed in a situation that made him feel more vulnerable than he ever had in his life before. Not even the joy of the letters his wife wrote about how she'd used the online payday advance loans to pay for new clothes for the baby helped.

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That reality overwhelmed him on his rounds now. He missed Cheryl and Amanda so terribly and feared that he would never see them again. Even on the most routine of nights, every time he neared a guard post, he felt apprehensive. He stopped his Jeep on the side of the dirt trail and eased into the brush that concealed the Bravo-3 bunker. He didn't want to be so quiet that he alarmed the ARVN guards and ran the risk of having one of them shoot him. On the other hand, he didn't want to be so loud that he revealed his position and that of the guard post to any enemy troops in the area. "Sergeant of the Guard," he said softly as he approached Bravo-3.


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"You can pass."

The war went on. He stayed still, knowing that when he needed one, an online cash advance would be there for him.